Tuxedo Park (1911 - )

Tuxedo Park, located within a vast area annexed to Calgary in 1911, was one of many new subdivisions developed during the city's pre-World War I boom. Developers offered concessions to the City in exchange for streetcar lines with service beginning in September 1911. Streetcar connections made it possible for working-class families to live in affordable outlying subdivisions. The community of "Balmoral 1906" is today within Tuxedo Park. Balmoral Workers Cottages were built in 1912 and 1913 by real estate speculators to provide much-needed working-class housing during the city's first population boom. A jewel of the area is Balmoral Circus Green designed by William Reader, Superintendent of Parks and Cemeteries for Calgary from 1913 to 1942.Tuxedo Park Bungalow School and Balmoral Bungalow School are examples of the 1920 bungalow-style public school building.

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