Rosedale (1909 - )

At the turn of the last century, the area that was to become Rosedale on the North Hill consisted of a few scattered homes, in contrast to its neighbour, the thriving Village of Crescent Heights. In 1909, a plan was registered for the subdivision of Rosedale that continued the grid design of Crescent Heights. William Robertson and Henry Madill had purchased the land in 1908, and formed the United Agencies to sell lots on a cooperative-ownership plan. But it was not until the 1920s that streets and sidewalks were laid out. In 1929, Rosedale became the fastest growing residential district in Calgary. In 1945, another housing boom led to the City consolidating the remaining land in Rosedale to sell at auction. A community hall and a school were built in 1955. Today, the original Rosedale Crescent, now Crescent Road, is a popular place to view the downtown skyline and the mountains beyond.

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