Richmond/Knob Hill (1907 - )

The first phase of Richmond/Knob Hill was annexed in 1907. The land was part of Nimmons’ 3-D Bar Ranch, which was also subdivided for Bankview. William Nimmons held the lease on the Oliver Quarry, located east of what is now Crowchild Trail and 17th Avenue SW and the source of much of the stone used in the first phase of City Hall’s construction. The second phase of Richmond/Knob Hill occurred in 1910, but most of its development was in the 1950s. The original grid pattern was replotted in the late 1940s; it was based on The Neighbourhood Unit Concept featuring curved streets and irregular-shaped blocks, elements that can be seen along Richmond Road. Some streets were renamed, such as Williams Avenue now called 19th Avenue. Like other post-war Calgary suburbs, the majority of residential structures in Richmond/Knob Hill are single-family homes. Crowchild Trail opened in 1967 and physically split the neighbourhood into two.

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