Ramsay (1880s - )

Ramsay is one of Calgary’s oldest communities, with its main street, Spiller Road, a segment of a First Nations trail. The Old North Trail extended to Montana and helped facilitate trade between First Nations and early settlers at the nearby HBC Trading Post. Much of Calgary’s early industry surrounded Ramsay: CPR railyards, Alberta stockyards, Calgary Herald, Calgary Brewery, and a sandstone quarry at Scotsman’s Hill that supplied the stone for Calgary’s historic sandstone structures. Ramsay’s earliest homes were built near businesses to house their workers, and many of these Edwardian and Queen Anne Revival homes are still standing. The community’s sites of historic interest are Ramsay House (1913), The Beers House (1908), Maclean Residence (1912), C.C. Snowdon Building (1911), Alberta Corner Store, Ramsay School (1912), and Scotsman’s Hill. The Macdonald Steel Truss Bridge was built in 1910 connecting Ramsay to Calgary’s core, and a streetcar service across it began in 1911.

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