Mount Pleasant (1910 - )

Mount Pleasant, located in the city’s northwest, was annexed in 1910 and began development in 1912. As Calgary grew to 100,000 by 1947 and 200,000 by 1955, suburban Mount Pleasant experienced an influx of new amenities, with a major one the opening in 1958 of Calgary’s first shopping mall, North Hill Centre. The community hall, Sportsplex and community swimming pool are all located in the same area, forming a triangle around a popular playground. Mount Pleasant’s northern border, and a prime asset to the community, is Confederation Park, which opened in 1967. Once known as the North Hill Coulee, the 160-acre park was designed to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday. Notable historical buildings in the community include the John Keim/Mary J. Reavley Residence, North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre, and St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church.

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