Manchester (1914 - )

In 1914, Manchester began as a residential community within walking distance of Calgary’s oldest Central Industrial Area. By 1940, the majority of residential dwellings were built on 2nd Street. The 1950s saw the beginning of 30 years of development of industrial warehouse buildings on 1st Street and 1A Street SE. Manchester Elementary School opened in 1956, and by 1968, the population was 800 with 255 dwellings and 87 preschool students. With suburbs developing in the 1960s and ’70s, the population began to decline, and the school closed in 1973. As well, older homes were removed or converted to commercial uses. The 1982 developments included a 14-storey apartment, three 2-storey office buildings, and two older homes converted into business premises. Manchester has become an attractive location for carpentry shops, auto body shops and warehouses. Now, its proximity to downtown has increased its land values and attracted office and commercial-use tenants.