Elbow Park (1875 - )

Most of the area comprising modern Elbow Park was homesteaded by William Scollen as early as 1875, and James Owens and James Morris in 1882-83. The City annexed the area in 1907 and real estate developer Freddy Lowes and his associates bought and surveyed it. Lowes intended to create an exclusive residential suburb with spacious lots and lovely homes, situated on the pleasant banks of the Elbow River. The first few houses were built in 1909, including Lowes’ own residence, and construction began in earnest the following year. The boom in Calgary was short lived, ending with World War I. But by then the neighbourhood of Elbow Park was firmly established as one of the city’s first purpose-designed residential suburbs and one of the last to be built before the war. The Elbow Park Residents’ Association was formed in 1930, and is the oldest community association in the city.

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