Cliff Bungalow (1909 - )

Cliff Bungalow began with an escarpment sheltering First Nations’ encampments into the 20th century. In 1909-10, the Olmsted firm designed this Canadian Pacific Railway neighbourhood as an eastern extension of the Mount Royal Garden Suburb, naming the street along the escarpment Cliff Street. The design has a Garden City layout to the west and transitions to Mission’s gridiron design in the east part. The design featured deep garden setbacks fronting the traditional Edwardian homes, as well as public tree plantings along the streets. In 1915, William Reader planted the 5A (former College) Street allée of green ash trees along the grounds of Western Canada College, now Western Canada High School. Two brick schools share the playing field below the cliff: the 1919 Holy Angels separate school and the 1920 Cliff Bungalow School. Cliff Bungalow and Mission share 4th Street (formerly Broadway), a commercial street that began rapidly developing after the Whiteline streetcar line began in 1909.

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