Beltline (1884 - )

The Beltline community district was created in 2003 after the amalgamation of the Connaught and Victoria Park districts, established in 1905 and 1914 respectively and named after Queen Victoria and her son, the Duke of Connaught. At the turn of the last century, warehouses sprang up south of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) tracks along 10th and 11th Avenues to support the goods coming in by train for developed land north of the tracks. The CPR would soon relocate its main operations and land was developed to accommodate houses, workshops, warehouses, stables, churches, schools, and streetcars. The Calgary Stampede has deep roots and history in the community as its fairgrounds have stood at Beltline’s eastern end since 1912. To the west stand iconic heritage destinations like Lougheed House and Central Memorial Park among many others. The name Beltline comes from Calgary Municipal Railway’s Route No. 5, the “belt line”, a streetcar line that once connected the area to downtown. Today, Beltline is one of Calgary’s most recognizable and populous mixed-use residential communities.

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